Wendi Saggese

Wendi Saggese lives in Carlsbad, California. She is a wife, and mother to two terrific children. Wendi started coaching in the 80’s after receiving a master practitioner certification from John Grinder, cofounder of Neurolinguistic Programing. In the 90’s she worked at Byron Katie’s center for “The Work” and co-authored the manual for their first certification course.

In 2010, she was diagnosed with Cancer, turning her experience of life upside down. Having to deal with the diagnosis, treatment options alongside motherhood was terrifying and traumatic. Coming across the 3 Principles understanding in 2012 changed her experience of everything.

Wendi founded the Three Principles based consulting company, Wake Up Your Wisdom. She works with individuals, groups and speaks on podcasts around the globe. She recently spoke at the biggest Three Principles conference in the world. She is living with stage four cancer and nonetheless describes herself as “happier than ever”.

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