Steve Adair

Steve Adair is an international speaker, trainer, coach and mentor. As co-director at 3P Life & Soul he is committed to supporting you to realize your true identity & to uncover innate mental health to bring unlimited balance and depth to life.

From an early age, Steve has been fascinated by how people think & behave. This blended with his passion for helping others has guided Steve to work within the human potential development field since 1991.

Steve has studied & practiced as a coach, trainer, mentor & peer educator, he is also a qualified psychotherapist.

Steve has facilitated Three Principles based programs with individuals & groups, privately & within community based programs. These programs have benefitted people who have experienced mental illness, homelessness, domestic violence as well as single parents & ex-offenders.

Steve has always followed his compassionate & helpful nature and has the rare ability to touch people with a feeling of love, which in turn wakes a person up to their true identity.

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