Stef Cybishowski

My name is Stef Cybichowski, I live in the UK. I am a Dad, a musician and a 3 Principles practitioner. 4 years ago I was at the most challenging time of my life, going through divorce, losing my house, becoming a single dad and with my own father passing away, it felt like I was experiencing the very depths of despair and depression with a very bleak future in prospect. Then I discovered the 3 Principles understanding with the help of Syd Banks’ material, some amazing mentors and an incredibly supportive community. Understanding the Principles behind the human experience has completely changed how I see the world and myself. My life is now unfolding in so many beautiful ways, with an ease and a flow I could never have imagined possible.

I love being ‘in the 3P conversation’, with any human being to explore the wonderful process of awakening to our true nature and unlimited potential. One of the many gifts that I have been given over the last three years is to have the chance to explore this understanding with a hugely diverse range of people all over the world, in business, on humanitarian/charity projects, with war veterans and now mentoring students who are aiming to become practitioners themselves.

I am so honored to be asked to speak with Chip Chipman at one of the breakout sessions at the 3PGC this year and to get the chance to meet and talk with more members of this wonderful community in person!

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