Shaul Rosenblatt

Shaul Rosenblatt became a Rabbi in 1990 and has worked in Jewish education since then. He became more and more frustrated, however, with the superficial nature of much of the education he was doing. He wanted to introduce people to a deeper and more spiritual experience but could not find a way to do so. Then he came across the Principles in 2002 and felt an immediate sense of ‘Eureka’. He founded Tikun in 2005 in order to help guide the Jewish community towards a more spiritual way of life and then the Innate Health Centre, along with Terry Rubenstein, in 2013, in order to reach out further with Principles education. Shaul is one of the organizers of the Three Principles Conference in the UK and continues as Director of Tikun, as well as working as a Three Principles practitioner and bringing up his eight children along with his wife, Chana.

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