Lila Turner

Lila’s current priority and passion is launching the One Solution project: a global initiative to address explicitly and expansively issues that we are facing in the world. The project’s purpose is to show how all problems we face come from the human mind but also that the answers that will fix them will also come from the human mind.

The One Solution project is bold, raw, unapologetic and deliberately simple. Lila is working with people who are interested in using their time alive to make dramatic change globally so our children can inherit a better world.

3 years ago Lila left a 20-year career as a designer to join the One Thought team where she designed, developed and provided programs to individuals and organizations. Lila is the curator of One Thought Community Night weekly talk series located in central London. The purpose of this event is to explain the role of the mind in popular topics and common struggles to the wider public. Lila has worked in schools to give students a foundation in understanding their mind to help with stress, anxiety, exam pressure. Her clients vary widely from engineers, film makers, teenagers, scientist, entrepreneurs. She is currently on the faculty of the One Thought Institute. Lila is a regular conference speaker and presenter both in the UK and abroad.

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