Karen Miller-Williams

Karen was a stressed out intensive care nurse when she was introduced to The Three Principles. This understanding changed her life and career for which she is eternally grateful. Karen was fortunate to know Sydney Banks as a teacher, a mentor and a friend. She further trained in The Principles completing the first internship at the Advanced Human Studies Institute with Dr. Roger Mills. Karen then co-founded the Hawaii Counselling & Education Centre and trained with Christine Heath, Gordon Trockman and George Pransky. She continues to learn with bi-annual attendance at the Three Principles School with Elsie Spittle and Chip Chipman as well as attending numerous conferences and events around the world.

Karen is a networker connecting people up via social media and in person as well as an activist informing, promoting, and dispensing Three Principles information via social media. Karen’s career in nursing has encompassed all ages, mental health, education, prisons, healthcare, communities & management. She has been called a cheerleader for her enthusiasm in sharing The Principles and the hope for all mankind.

Karen’s private practice, NEW PERSPECTIVE – offers: counselling, coaching, education, consulting, speaking and retreats.

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