Julian Fraser

Alongside Shaul Rosenblatt, Julian helped form Tikun and establish it as a focus for sharing wisdom and wellbeing, with the 3 Principles firmly at its core. In these 10 years living with the principles, he has changed from the angry ‘bear with a sore head’ into someone enjoying life with a smile on his face. Life has become a smoother, effortless and more joyful experience leading to a complete change in his physical appearance and lifestyle. In 2013 he lost 120 pounds and went from couch potato to running marathons, something he feels is a simple proof that internal changes bring about changes to the external, never the other way around. When he is not working with clients or enjoying his 5 children and wife Johanna, he directs the UK 3 Principles conference. Julian completed the One Thought Institute in 2011 and has been a Practitioner for several years.

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