Chip Chipman

Chip Chipman is recognized worldwide as a consultant, facilitator, public speaker and guide, dedicated to sharing the true nature and essence of the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. Along with his wife Jan, he was privileged to be guided by his mentor Sydney Banks.  Together they have worked with businesses, not-for-profit organizations, drug and alcohol rehab centers, inmates and staff in prisons or simply with individuals seeking more peace and understanding in their lives.

While operating in Tampa, Florida for over 24 years, Chip and Jan had the honor of hosting many executive and couple’s retreats with Syd, both in North America and Europe. Those experiences taught them to see the value of simplicity and depth and to always see that the truth and knowledge they sought to share was already present in every soul that came.

Chip and Jan currently live on Salt Spring Island, and share their understanding through teleconferences, Skype sessions and retreats for individuals, practitioners and couples. They continue to see countless people find happiness as their own wisdom emerges when touched by the original materials of Sydney Banks.

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