Chana Rosenblatt

Chana is originally from Israel. She is a very blessed mother to eight children. Before coming across the Principles, she was taking a degree in family counselling / psychology and did not have it in mind to become a counsellor, rather to use the ideas for her own family. That changed at the Tikun Innate Health Conference in 2011. Her insights during the conference brought her to the realisation that the Principles had something deeper and more relevant to offer her than anything she had experienced until now. ‘From that moment on, while nothing has changed in my life on the outside everything has changed on the inside!’. She graduated from the One Thought Institute in 2012. Chana now runs a successful Practice called ’New Thought’, she is part of the faculty on the One Thought Professional Institute and shares her gifts of understanding  all over the world and in any way she can.

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