Ana Holmback

Ana Holmback is an Entrepreneur, a Small Business Consultant, and a Certified Transformative Coach. She studied Math/Computer Science and went to graduate school at University of Massachusetts (Lowell). Her career path has been involved in establishing, organizing and leading successful small businesses. As a Transformative Coach and consultant, she has had the experience of serving people and creating an environment where people could see, feel, and understand their inner wellbeing foundation. For her having found the Principles, has generated profound changes in both her personal and professional life.

She participated in Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy 2014, and then continued widening and deepening her experience as Michael Neill’s apprentice. Her openness and consistency have brought her to a deeper relationship with herself and her surroundings. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela and currently lives in Arizona, USA. She enjoys traveling to new places, hiking, being with people, and a nice cup of freshly ground coffee.

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