Aaron Turner

With a first class degree in anthropology Aaron began an academic career as a researcher and faculty member at Brunel university.

Obsessed with how humans and societies actually worked he became fascinated in his Uncle and Aunt’s work with The Three Principles. It seemed based on a truely transformative insight into human functioning. This drew Aaron to study with Pransky and Associates and then work with them for 10 years. As well as running the practice for 3 years, Aaron was keen to apply their discoveries in individual and couple counseling and then to organsational and business issues and challenges.

Aaron’s focus has shifted to the world changing implications of a new understanding of the mind. With Mara Gleason he founded One Thought. Since 2010 it has pioneered and developed programs in business’s, the military, education and the non profit sector as well as training practitioners through the One Thought Institute.

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