Health Care Community of Interest (COI) Pre-Conference Session


Transforming the Epidemic of Burnout in Health Care: Awakening the Innate Resilience of Healers

October 27, 2016—9am -5pm PDT

Five Continuing Nursing Education contact hours can be earned.
Registration for CNE’s is $20.00

Keith Blevens, PhD and Joseph Bailey, M.A, L.P. will discuss the implications for presenting this understanding as a single paradigm for health care. The Three Principles Paradigm focuses on the root of the problem of stress and burnout — thought in the moment — as the actual cause. Awakening to the truth of how our psychological reality is actually created alleviates the epidemic of burnout. Early results will be presented from a scientific study of a program in a large hospital system. They will review this project, how initial stages of it were accomplished, and the resulting 12% overall reduction in burnout hospital wide.

The purpose of this activity is to enable the learner to insightfully understand the psychology of thought related to resiliency and its impact on health care.

On completion of this course, the learner will be able to:
1. Explain the results of a two year pilot program on stress and burnout prevention at Mayo Clinic Arizona for physicians, nurses and administrators.

2. To present the theoretical foundation of the Three Principles Paradigm as taught in our seminars and coaching.

3. Describe the process of system change and bringing the three principles into a health care organization.
Advancing Holistic Health is a provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider no: CEP16464 for 5 contact hours. All fees submitted are refundable if program is not attended. To earn CNE’s the program must be attended in full, and an evaluation form submitted prior to receiving a CNE Certificate.

Joe Bailey, M.A., L.P. is an author, seminar leader, consultant to organizations, public speaker, psychotherapist and a licensed psychologist.
Joe’s life purpose is to help people find true happiness and peace of mind. Towards this end, he studied psychology at the undergraduate and graduate levels, eventually becoming a licensed psychologist. His search for the deeper principles of mental health led him to the Three Principles and meeting Syd Banks 34 years ago. Since then he has helped to create a health-based approach to counseling, prevention programs, workplace wellness and the attainment of a personal life of peace, joy and fulfillment for all people and help usher in a new paradigm based on principles for psychology.

His work has included co-founding The Minneapolis Institute of Mental Health, developing programs for health care provider wellness at the University of Minnesota and numerous hospitals including North Memorial Hospital, Minneapolis, East Lansing Health System and Mayo Clinic Arizona, treatment centers for addictions, and social service agencies.

Joe has worked for over forty years as a psychotherapist, trainer, administrator, supervisor and consultant to clinics, hospitals, businesses and other government groups. He is author of six books including the best seller, Slowing Down to the Speed of Life with Dr. Richard Carlson, The Serenity Principle, Slowing Down to the Speed of Love, Fearproof Your Life: How to Thrive in a World Addicted to Fear, and his latest book that he contributed to, Creating a Marriage You’ll Love (2010). He is currently working on a new book called The Resilient Healer—The Epidemic of Burnout and How to Cure It (Foreword by Dr. Wyatt Decker, CEO Mayo Clinic Arizona). You can learn more about Joe and his work at

Keith Blevens, Ph.D. is a nationally known healthcare speaker and innovator. He has been a licensed clinical psychologist for forty years.

As an educator holding degrees from Indiana University (B.A.) and Texas Tech University (Ph.D.), he has served on the staff of the Veterans Administration Hospital in Waco, Texas and been Director of Psychological Services at Baylor University. He has taught for the Northwest Center for Medical Leadership and been treatment team lead for The Rape Treatment Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. He has taught classes and served on Doctoral Research Committees at nine universities.

Dr. Blevens has pioneered the development of the “3 Principles Paradigm” and the “Resilience Paradigm” based upon the discoveries and teaching of Sydney Banks.

His career has involved the training and development of health care, mental health care, and business professionals. He has trained nurses in Florida and Minnesota and professionals in many states, as well as several foreign countries including Great Britain, Australia, Canada, and Israel.

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