Education Community of Interest (COI) Pre-Conference Session


For Elementary & Secondary Schools Administrators, School Counselors, Educators and Parents

27 October 2016, Los Angeles, CA

Do you work with students in K-12 or with adults who are involved in educating them or a parent who is interested in seeing the Principles at your child’s school?  If yes, we hope you will join us at this important Education Retreat Day as we join in conversation with others who are bringing the Principles to schools and from educators who are naturally bringing them to their classrooms

The retreat will be free from vendors and booths, with the focus being solely on conversations about the 3 Principles in education. Attendees will come from all over the world and will range from classroom teachers, school counselors to administrators, parents and consultants. There will be time for attendees to gather informally to share ideas as well as a variety of sessions for them to attend.

In our second Education Retreat Day we will join the Mental Health Community of Interest from 9:00AM to 11:30AM to discuss the importance of addressing mental health in schools. We will have a student, parent, school counselor and administrator share their experience of working together from an understanding of innate mental health and how this has improved the well being of all involved.  They will share their experience of working and learning of the Three Principles and how it has helped kids who experienced significant mental distress reclaim their wellbeing and succeed.

PM: A conversational Ed Café will bring together new people with people who have been sharing the Principles in schools for awhile to explore how the Principles support and strengthens school curriculum, student learning and resilience.  To engage the wisdom in the room, the discussions and interactions will be led by 3 Principles practitioners.

Anyone interested in facilitating a group, please contact Quinn at

 Be part of the second 3PGC Global Education conversation

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